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    We consist of the top litigators’ in the World, assuring you the best representation through Contract Negotiations, Draft Preparation, Sports Marketing, Endorsements, Public Relations, Personal Services, Financial Planning, Digital Marketing, Public Relations and many more.
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    We are working with athletes world wide and making new connections across the globe. In this transition we are looking to make new opportunities for talented individuals aspiring to be the best.
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    ELITE TALENT MANAGEMENT AGENCY is a full-service sports management and marketing agency. We have an elite group of advisers who’s involved in your career, from beginning to end. Elite Talent will ensure the finest in personal management and representation.
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Elite Talent




Elite Representation

We are the best, we believe in Elite representation for Elite Talent:

  • Our Legal Team
    We have litigated collectively millions’ of dollars and record breaking deals.
  • International Partnerships
    The boundaries of our representations reach 63 countries world wide.
  • National Football League
  • Major League Baseball
  • National Basketball Association
  • National Hockey League
  • French International Basketball
  • Federation International Football

New Opportunity


Professional Relationships

Our knowledge combined with experience and professional relationships affords talented individuals with new opportunites. We can provide you with the shortcuts needed to accelerate your career. Don't hesitate to let us help you make your next move your best move.

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The 12 presets are fully customizable with the most comprehensive color chooser system ever. Choose just a few tones and shades, and Ionosphere does the rest.

  • Dedicated Agents +

    Having a dedicated agent for our clients needs is very import to our business model.
  • Website Features +

    Our site is a platform where clients can comunicate effectively to available agents.
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International Association

  • 63 Countries Representing talent across the world

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If you have an extraordinary talent that needs to be recognized, then we want you. We do entertainment also.

Our connections extend further than just sports relationships. Music, Comedy, Performance Arts, etc...

Our support staff is waiting for you to reach out to start your path to a better life. A representative will get your information and let you know how to begin your journey with us.

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