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Father & A Friend Forever Foundation Inc.


In Honor & Memory of you Son Brian Deon Byrd-Morgan we started this journey together. My Grandson Brian Morgan Jr. your Son will bear the fruits of your endeavors! -Love Popz Father & A Friend Forever Foundation Father & A Friend Forever

Foundation will provide legal guidance and understanding to our youth that are Fatherless, lack of mentorship, lack of guidance just a lost boy needing structure, and discipline to his journey in becoming a Man. This will be done with NFL, NBA, NASCAR, MLB,Lawyers, Doctors, Judges, State Representatives, and Men of influence as our mentors. We currently have over 50 Mentors of different professionalisms on board.. Elite Talent Sports Management Agency has a Mentor program already established, through the partnership with NFL/ Stanford Graduate Kevin Scott: www.startathletes.com Through our partnership we are able to track the student-athlete progress starting in the fifth grade throughout his/her professional career. How it works? We will get written consent from the parents,Principal,Counselor,Athletic Director to receive the players progress reports,and report cards. The student-athletes' are assigned a Mentor from respective sports(according to players), however if student-athlete is failing we will provide tutors to help maintain our Mandatory 3.30 GPA. Elite-Talent Student-Athlete will start SAT/ACT preparatory classes starting in the 8-9th grade(depending student-athletes progress). Elite Talent also through partnerships' are able to track ALL the student-athletes achievements, and accomplishments i.e All-American, All-State, All-Area, Honorable Mentions etc. Elite Talent is the new era of Social Media recruiting, we are ahead of the curve. Elite Talent has the capabilities to take footage, film from HUDL, YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and other social media outlets composed to one website. www.startathletes.com Who the Organization will serve? Father & A Friend Forever Foundation will serve Fathers exclusively in the need of Legal guidance, Job Skills, Mentorship,Education, Haircuts,Mannerism, Proper Etiquette, etc Seminars (Job Seminars) Seminars and networking events will be held among the Members of the organization. The $25.00 fee accepted for admission will be donated to shelters, and organizations helping single mothers, and foster children. Father & A Friend Forever Foundation motto is "EACH 1 TEACH 1" Our primary purpose is to help Fathers experiencing legal issues, and adversity in life an outlet of support to be successful. We believe in second chances! Long & Short term Goals: Short Term Goal is to increase the percentage of student-athletes and graduation percentage, through mentorship programs, as well making the parents accountable, and educating the parents on the process of a Scholarship, Proposition 48, Red Shirt, Partial Scholarship, Fafsa, SAT, ACT, and additional pertinent information parents may not be aware of, in addition strengthening the Role, and responsibility of the Father. An additional short term goal is to help provide legal guidance and education to the Fathers incompetent of the Law, and a platform to discuss these issues, and how they can be resolved. LONG TERM GOALS: Father & A Friend Forever Foundation goal is to make better Men, Husbands, Brothers, Uncles, Friends, and Mentors. Each 1 Teach 1! Success is learned not taught! By having a successful NBA, NFL, MLB, NASCAR, NCAA player mentor a young student-athlete, and just know that someone care make a BIG difference! We are in talks with major organizations to make this dream a reality; Steve Harvey Foundation, Arthur Blank Foundation, Rickey Smiley, Tavis Smiley, The Tom Joyner Foundation, V103, Illinois State Representatives, Morehouse Alumni Chapter, NFLPA,NFL players association, MLB,NCAA, NASCAR.....just to name a few. Why there is a need for this Organization? Father & A Friend Forever Foundation is in need to bring back the student-athlete, and accountability in the household. Father & A Friend Forever Foundation will provide legal guidance that otherwise Fathers/Men would not be privileged to. There is a need to make the Man accountable and responsible for his actions, and understanding the role of a Father. Each 1 Teach 1 will also lead by example, through mentorship programs,seminars, etc. Through these programs we will also teach young men how to be respectable, pull there pants up,(wear a belt), speak articulately, tie a tie, proper grooming, how to sit at a table and eat formerly, proper etiquette, and most importantly next to being a student-athlete: WHY/HOW TO RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!! There is also a need to educate our youth about inequalities, injustices, and how to bridge the gap between our youth and law enforcement. We will also work with all levels of law enforcement, including FBI, CIA, DEA, State and Local law enforcement to bridge the gap between our communities, student-athletes, Political Leaders, and law enforcement. Education is the key! Each 1 Teach 1.... Elite Talent Sports Management. -Founder/President/CFO Sir.B.Morgan

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